Christmas Carp

Social campaign “CHRISTMAS CARP” – in 2010 our association for the first time in Suwałki and in the area covered by LGR, conducted a campaign for the humane treatment of live fish under the slogan: “Will you allow them to pack you like this?!!!” The campaign included information campaigns in various markets and places where they sell live fish, special containers for transfer of live carp were distributed. The campaign aims at reduction of the suffering of fish, education of consumers, who, through their choices, can affect the traders and manufacturers by responding to inhumane transport, keeping of live fish. Through its activities we encourage the consumers to change their minds about carp, we inform and make aware the consumers, traders and fish farmers that there are humane ways to treat carp. The campaign covers numerous awareness raising competitions in the media and the Internet, promotional films and other accompanying activities.
In 2011, the second edition of the “CHRISTMAS CARP” – “The traditional choice, humane treatment” campaign was organized. The campaign is very popular and will continue in subsequent years.