The campaign of cleaning the banks of lakes and rivers

The campaign of cleaning the banks of lakes and rivers – organized jointly with schoolchildren from Gminas within the area of operation of the Local Fisheries Group and other organizations interested in the implementation of the projects, such as Fire Department, National Parks, Local Governments. The aim of the campaign includes environmental education, awareness and initiating actions to protect groundwater and the environment. Under the campaign, the areas by the waters of LSROR area and places frequently visited by tourists are cleaned. Anyone who wants to spend some time with the benefit for wildlife may join the campaign. Local Fisheries Group also supports the initiatives of cleaning the banks local lakes and rivers taken by other entities from the LSROR area, providing participants with garbage bags and gloves. The cleaning campaigns were already conducted at the bank of the deepest lake in Poland – Hańcza, Suwałki Landscape Park and Rospuda river.
We invite you to join our next campaigns for water conservation.