Fisherman’s Day

“Fisherman’s Day” is an open outdoor event, which combines elements of education and entertainment. Celebration of Fisherman’s Day is not accidentally scheduled in late June, which is preceded by two events: Festival of Fisheries attributable to the 27 July and the feast of the saint patron of fishermen – St. Peter on 29June. The Local Fisheries Group organized the “Fisherman’s Day” event for the first time on 25 June 2011 at Lake Białe in Augustów. The celebration began with a ceremonial blessing of the fishing boats, and fishing show. An exhibition of museum objects associated with fishing tradition in the region was presented. There were spectacular water rescue demonstrations prepared by police officers, firefighters, and Water Rescue life savers. They presented ways to rescue drowning people, to provide first aid. During the event a in common “live cooking” of fish dishes was held or cooking workshops, under the supervision of experienced chefs, culinary competitions for the participants, regional delicacies of Pojezierze Suwalsko-Augustowskie, numerous fun activities for families with children and have plays with music. This is the first such event in the region, associated with the feast of fishing. The event attracted great interest of residents and tourists and will be carried out periodically in the coming years.